Important Things You Should Know About Surge Protectors Reviews

Surge protectors are an inexpensive way to protect your gear against random power spike damage. Here are a few tips before you start shopping.

Whether you're just looking to add more outlets, or want to add a layer of protection between your gear and the outside world, you'll eventually want to buy a surge protector.

With an incredible range of prices and features, not to mention a barrage of questionable marketing promises, it's hard to figure out what's worth the money, and what's nonsense. I'll help you sort through it.

For a little background, check out what makes a good surge protector. This article is the updated successor to that piece, though we'll cover some similar ground.

Typically, power strips are cheap, multi-outlet products that are merely an expansion of a wall outlet.

These usually have a circuit breaker (on/off switch) of some sort, but most don't offer any real "protection" from electrical issues. Some might have the barest level of protection, but they're all pretty much just like plugging into the wall direct.

Surge protectors are relatively cheap too, but unlike power strips they offer some level of protection against power spikes. How much and how well varies considerably.

Surge protectors offer protection in amounts called joules. Generally, the more joules the better, as this means the device can handle one large surge, or multiple smaller surges, before your gear is in danger. 
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Belkin Surge Protector

Over time, the parts inside the protector wear down, reducing its effectiveness.

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