Look Very Attractive To People, Do This

 Do you know that you can be very good looking and be unattractive and you can have the typical "ok" look yet be very attractive?

I have come to realize that attractiveness has very little to do with your good looks, condition or status but it is all about your self confidence and how you carry yourself.

No matter how sweet looking you may be, if you have low self esteem you will always appear unattractive to people.

A single mum with average look but with great self confidence and carriage will get more suitors than a very pretty single lady with no child who lacks self confidence.. A man or woman with special needs will never lack the attention of the opposite sex if they project great self confidence to the world.

If you can't speak good English, speak Pidgin with confidence...

If you are broke or poor, wear those cheap cloths and shoes with great confidence....

If you are a stamerer do it with boldness and even put some style.

If you are a single mum look hot and pick your man like a virgin.

No matter how big or small you may look just look smart and carry yourself with great confidence.

No matter how insecure you may feel about your body or situation, as long as you carry yourself with confidence and you bury your insecurities, you will always appear very attractive to people.

The secret is self confidence and how you carry yourself.    

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